Welcome to the MBA and Business Studies Education Expo (MBA Expo) 2023, an essential event for students and professionals alike. Leveraging a decade of expertise in organizing world-class events for the professional education community, Law Pundits is proud to introduce MBAExpo 2023. This fair serves as a platform for business students and professionals to interact directly with decision-makers and representatives from top business schools worldwide.

MBA Expo 2023 aims to provide unparalleled options for higher business studies and education. Whether you have questions about MBA, EMBA, or other specialized Master’s programs in Business, this is your chance to engage directly with representatives from globally recognized business schools and universities. With a proven track record in connecting students and educational institutions, this event is a must-attend for anyone aspiring to advance their career in business

Our History

Capitalizing on a decade of unparalleled success with Legal Education Expo, the largest event of its kind targeted exclusively for the legal education sector, Law Pundits proudly introduces the MBA, E-MBA and Business Studies Expo  (MBA Expo). Backed by our extensive experience and a sterling reputation for connecting students with world-class educational institutions, MBA Expo aims to be the flagship event for higher education in Business.

Since its humble beginnings as a single-city event in 2014, Our education expos have grown exponentially over the years. It has helped countless students from around the globe interact directly with the heads of admissions from top professional education programs. As of 2023, LEASE holds the unique distinction of being the longest continuously running exclusive LLM fair in the world.

Given this success, MBA Expo is poised to offer similar opportunities for Business Schools, becoming the annual must-attend event for universities worldwide offering MBA, EMBA, or specialized Master’s programs in business. MBA Expo aims to become part of the annual student recruitment programs for several business schools and universities.

Prominent educational institutions from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Australia, India, China, and beyond are expected to be part of MBA Expo. MBA Expo carries forward our dedication to fostering educational connections, catalyzing opportunities, and shaping the future of business education on a global scale.