The Event

MBA Education Expo (MBAExpo) is your unparalleled platform to connect top-tier business schools with aspiring MBA candidates from around the globe. Building on the success of our acclaimed Legal Education and Services Expo (LEASE®), we are proud to introduce this premier event for the business education sector.

MBA Education Expo is a groundbreaking event in the realm of business education, and it aims to become the largest of its kind in the World as have done with the Legal Education Expo. This expo targets business professionals and students who are eager to elevate their academic qualifications and professional skills through top MBA programs worldwide.

Global Reach, Local Impact

The MBA Education Expo 2023 is designed to offer unparalleled access to several thousands of business students and professionals from diverse backgrounds and countries. Exhibitors will include some of the most prestigious business schools from the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, and Asia, presenting a unique opportunity to showcase their MBA programs and interact with potential applicants in a setting that is much more convenient, flexible and effective than a live fair.

Unlimited Networking and More

Just like our renowned LEASE® events, the MBA Education Expo presents an ideal platform for business schools to engage with aspiring MBA candidates. Benefit from extensive one-on-one interactions without leaving your office, thanks to our innovative online format. This is your chance to connect face-to-face with an engaged audience seeking to invest in advanced business education.

Special Features

Our state-of-the-art online platform features a designated stage for select participants and esteemed guests to conduct seminars and panel discussions. Additionally, virtual table spaces and private rooms are available for in-depth conversations with prospective students. Various booth areas are designed for enhanced one-on-one interactions and information exchange.

Worldwide Coverage in 2023

This year, we are excited to announce that the MBA Education Expo will welcome professionals and prospective students from over 5 continents making it a truly global event.

Event Format

Fully Online – [Just like a live fair]. Participating business school can choose between presentation, one-one interaction, and stall option based on your budget.

Event Format & Dates

Fully Online – [Just like a live fair]. Participating business school can choose between presentation, one-one interaction, and stall option based on your budget.

The MBA Education Expo 2023 will span 50+ countries, divided into different regions with strategic dates to maximize global engagement.


November 16th, 2023 : Africa

Why it’s Important

Africa is becoming a rising star in the global business education landscape. Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya together contribute significantly to students pursuing MBA degrees globally. Given the high importance placed on postgraduate education, this is a crucial region for business schools to focus on.


By participating in this region, you’ll have direct access to a wide range of highly motivated and academically inclined students. Your school will have the unique chance to fill the void for quality business education in Africa, connect directly with potential applicants, showcase your business programs, and conduct on-the-spot admissions or interviews.


November 17th, 2023: South and North America

Why it’s Important

Both Brazil and Mexico have booming economies and a growing interest in business management programs. Brazil, known for its vast resources and increasing influence in global economics, is a hotspot for potential MBA candidates.


Engage with a highly motivated audience, gather qualified leads, and expand your footprint in the American continents. Utilize this chance to make real-time presentations and offer unique insights into your MBA programs, scholarships, and employment opportunities.


November 18th 2023: Middle-East and Europe

Why it’s Important

The Middle-East and Europe have a diversified and fast-growing market for business education. A significant number of programs are offered in English, and there has been significant growth in students seeking international MBAs.


Expand your school’s brand beyond traditional borders and directly engage with a pool of affluent and professionally experienced candidates. Conduct interactive presentations and Q&A sessions to provide a holistic view of your business school’s offerings.


November 24th 2023: India and South Asia

Why it’s Important

India, with its booming economy and a vast population of young professionals, offers a massive market for business schools. The government-supported grants for students to pursue postgraduate studies make this region extremely fertile for MBA programs.


Capitalize on the large pool of potential students, generate high-quality leads, and showcase your business programs to a receptive audience. You’ll have the chance to interact in real-time with prospective candidates from different professional backgrounds eager to advance their careers.


November 25th, 2023: South East Asia ( All South East Asian Countries)

Why it’s Important

Southeast Asia is a dynamically developing region with a growing interest in business education. The varied economies and cultural diversity make it a must-target area for globally-oriented MBA programs.


Connect directly with potential applicants from various countries who are actively seeking to enhance their professional skills. Gain access to a substantial pool of potential students, making it an ideal opportunity to showcase your business school’s unique selling propositions, learning experience and post-graduation opportunities.

Timings and Format

  • Timing of the MBA Expo will be between 7:30 am (ET/New York Time) and 2:00 pm (ET/New York Time) for each region.
  • Real-time interaction with students and attendees.
  • Options for one-on-one presentations and/or presentations to the whole audience group.

Exhibitor Profile

Universities and B- schools from around the world offering MBA Programs or E-MBA programs, PDGDM, Online Business Programs or other Business and Management related post-graduate programs.

Visitors Profile

Prospective Business Students from all backgrounds
Professionals with an interest in pursuing MBA or management programs
L&D professionals from companies

MBA Expo – About Organizers

For over a decade, we have been a trailblazer in promoting higher education especially in the field of law through targeted expos. Our Journey of education expo began in Asia, hosting the inaugural event of LEASE LLM Fair in major cities across the continent. It quickly rose to prominence, becoming India’s first and largest Legal education event. LEASE® is more than just an event; it’s an institution that bridges the gap between esteemed law schools and high-caliber students.

We have welcomed connected students from over 70 countries to various universities for the past 10 years and have held a combined total over 50 education expos both live and virtual. Now, we’re bringing our expertise, legacy, and proven track record to the world of business education. By partnering with us for the inaugural MBA Education Expo 2023, business schools will not only be part of a premier event but will also gain unparalleled access to an extensive network of future business leaders.

The MBA Education Expo will be a synergistic environment where institutions can directly interact with potential MBA candidates, conduct presentations, and gain quality leads, mirroring the success we’ve consistently delivered for law schools.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a landmark event in the world of business education. Partner with us, and let’s make MBA Education Expo 2023 a resounding success, as we’ve done for in the field of legal education.